The Design Process

Site Selection – Discuss the site that you are considering, weather it is a site you presently own, you have been looking at, or a site that we own, or we need to start looking for a site for you.  Once we establish those parameters, we can solidify the site that will be used.


Design Agreement – After establishing the site, we can discuss the general design of you project and arrive at a Design Agreement for a specified amount, and specific goals we would complete.  In general, we would accomplish the necessary tasks to move from generalities of your project to enough specifics to firm up the layout, features, specifications, financing, timing and pricing.


Construction Agreement – Once these items have been established, we can enter into a Construction Agreement that outlines more of the specifics and actually gets construction started, including your specific selections for flooring, colors, fixtures, cabinets, etc…


Construction Phase – During the Construction Phase, we would interact with you, sometimes on a daily basis to coordinate the selections, answer questions, verify design details, and various other items that will arise during construction.


Completion Phase – During the Completion Phase, we would address any issues with the construction that have not already been addressed, coordinate final financing, coordinate insurance, closing, and move-in.


Post Construction – During the Post Construction phase, you will notice different small details that will need attention, touch up paint, adjust a door, etc.  Once you feel like you have a complete list, we will observe the nature of each item on the list, assign it to the appropriate tradesman, and get the list completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Of course, if there is an urgent item, such as air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, we would address that immediately.